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  1. plural of loop


  1. third person singular of loop




Formed from loop with the adjectival / adverbial suffix -s


loops, loopse
  1. dogs: in heat
    ''Die teef is loops. -- That bitch is in heat.

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A loop is generally something that closes back on itself such as a circle or ring.

Science and technology

Movement and transportation

Creative works and groups

  • Loop (novel), a sequel to the Japanese horror novel Ring
  • Loop (band), a London rock band
  • Loops (musical ensemble), a contemporary musical ensemble from Australia
  • Loop (Keller Williams album) - a 2002 album by Keller Williams.
  • In the Loop, a public radio show
  • Music loop, a finite element of sound which is repeated by technical means
  • To "loop" is a term used in audio post production where an actor re-records his/her voice in a studio setting. This term is currently often replaced with the term "ADR" or Automated Dialogue Replacement. This is used when the original audio that was recorded on set was poor/damaged/lost etc. The term "loop" itself refers, as much of the film industry terminology does, to the old days where the actor was shown a continual film loop of the scene he/she was recording so that they would be able to synchronise their voice with the performance that was shot at an earlier date. Now looping or ADR is performed using computer software.
  • In animation, a loop is a sequence of drawings repeated over and over.
  • In a movie projector, the loop refers to the slack portion of the film around the projector lens.
  • A loop is industry vernacular for short pornographic films, many times without sound. Most are cheaply made and of poor quality. Before the advent of home video, such films were typically viewed by a single person in a booth, and the film was "looped" so that it could be played repeatedly when activated by a coin payment slot or similar device.
  • Loop Ash Records, a record label.


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